About us

Erin Schneider, CPDT-KA, is a certified professional dog trainer who employs positive reinforcement behavior modification techniques intended to deliver results while building stronger bonds between dogs and their owners. Erin practiced her craft in Chicago for many years as a Senior Trainer for AnimalSense Canine Training and Behavior. There she taught dog training classes and also conducted private, in-home lessons with pets and their owners. In March 2015, Erin relocated to Colorado and is excited to share her knowledge and expertise with dog owners in the Denver/Boulder metro area.


Erin earned her Bachelor’s degree in English from Hofstra University in New York in 2003. She moved to Chicago in 2004, where she met and brought home her canine soul mate, a Westie named Bailey. Erin worked in magazine publishing for several years before pursuing her lifelong dream to work with animals. She knew she wanted to work with dogs and their owners, and help others have the same kind of loving bond she has shared with her pets.


In 2010, Erin graduated from FetchFind Academy, where she was immersed in animal behavior courses combined with months of interacting directly with people and their dogs. Always seeking to learn and grow, Erin is continuously inspired and excited to work with clients and their dogs.


Touch Dog Training is a reflection of Erin’s passion for bringing dogs and owners together. Her research based, positive reinforcement training techniques are designed to build a framework of success for dogs and humans alike. 


Erin lives in Westminster with her loving and supporting husband and her amazing daughter and son. 

Before we started group classes I had Erin come over for a private to get us started on the right path to get the dog we wanted. To say that I sent many emails for help is an understatement. Ezra was the most challenging puppy we have ever had. Very creative. She was spot on every time and each step of the way told us what to expect as he grew older. What a relief that was. I am happy to say that Ezra is a sweet, cuddle loving everybody dog. It was work. Could not have the results we have today without all of the support and knowledge from Erin. So we thank you for getting us to the other side.

Stacey A., Ezra's owner