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Halloween Safety Tips

Originally featured on Halloween is just around the corner. I was never a fan, but I have a new love of the holiday since moving to our house. We enjoyed our first Halloween in our new house last year and I loved every minute of it. My husband took our daughter out for her first trick-or-treating (she was Princess Leia) and I stayed home to pass out candy. I loved seeing all the kids in their adorable costumes. We were dog sitting my parent’s dog, Dolly, during Halloween. When we lived in Chicago, we lived in a condo and didn’t get trick-or-treaters, so I never had to worry about how our dog, Bailey, would react to visitors. Still, I know that Halloween is a stressful day for d

Fun activities for fall weather

Originally featured on Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the weather, the colors, the holidays, and the food. I could go on and on about all the things I love, but one of the things I love most is being outside, taking longs walks in the crisp, cool air. When my Westie, Bailey, was alive, this was also her favorite time of year. She loved to bounce in the fallen leaves, chase the squirrels and smell to her hearts content. Fall is a great time to get out with your dog. Here in Colorado, the Aspen trees in the mountains are breathtakingly beautiful, so hiking is ideal. But there are many things to do with your dog that gets you outside to enjoy the fresh air. Find It Find

Life after dog, part 3: the dogless dog trainer

Originally Featured on In part two of this three part series, I talked about life with kids after losing my dog, Bailey. In part three, I am going to talk about being a dog trainer without having a dog. Bailey played a big part in my decision to become a dog trainer. I was always learning from her. I learned early on that Bailey didn’t excel at training when I used more old-school approaches. So, I had to expand my knowledge and find a better fit. That is when I came across positive reinforcement training and it was then that I learned that training could be fun. Our relationship also thrived. When I started becoming unhappy at my full time job, I decided to find other ways to

Life after dog, part 2: life with kids

Originally Featured on In part one of my Life After Dog series, I talked about the loss of our dog Bailey and the effect that had on me. In part two, I am going to talk about life with kids after dog. I have two young kids. My daughter, Amelia, just turned three and my son, Henry, is 8 months old. Life is hectic. My daughter is in the middle of potty training (I am not a fan of this process) and my son is crawling and is already starting to scoot around the house. I expect he will be walking any day now. So, needless to say, there is a lot going on in the Schneider household. I will admit that life is easier without a dog right now. I don’t constantly have to manage where the d

Life after dog, part 1: the calm after the storm

Originally Featured on Bailey came into my life in 2005. She was a West Highland White Terrier and the love of my life. I called her my four-legged soul mate. She taught me so much and was there with me for so many major events in my life. She saw me through my single years, was with me when I met and married my husband, she was around through my daughter’s first year and a half of life. She was my constant. A big reason I became a dog trainer was because of Bailey. I was working full time in media sales in Chicago when one day I realized I wasn’t happy in my career. I felt like something was lacking: passion, love, enjoyment. I always had a love for dogs and having been throug

Living better with dogs – management techniques, part 3: crates

Originally Featured on In part three of my management series, I am going to talk about crates. Crates are a wonderful way to manage a dog. It also provides many dogs with a sense of comfort and a place they can call their own. Crates should be a place that your dog loves going to, so make sure to never use it as punishment. Below are some reasons why I think crates are one of the best ways to manage a dog: Potty training: The mantra for potty training is constant supervision. So what do you do when you can’t keep an eye on your busy pup? When you can’t be there to watch Fido, he needs to be in his crate. The crate should be big enough for him to stand up, turn around, and lie d

Living better with dogs – management techniques, part 2: baby gates

Originally Featured on In this episode of management techniques, I am going to talk about baby gates. Baby gates are another of my favorite ways to manage a dog. You can spend either a lot on fancy gates or very little on the basic baby gates that are sold just about anywhere. You can buy ones to fit the size of a door frame, or you can purchase ones that extend the length of a room. There are so many options! So, how do you put these gates to use, you ask? Well, let me tell you. Blocking off areas of the house: The number one way to use a baby gate is to block off areas of the house that you don’t want your dog getting to. If you just put down new carpet in the living room and

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