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Basic Training, Part 2: Sit

In part one of my Basic Training series, I talked about the command, “Touch” and how to use it in everyday life. In part two, I am going to talk about the command, “Sit.” It’s pretty obvious on why you teach your dog to sit. But below are some of the ways I like to incorporate it into my dog’s everyday routine. Politely wait for dinner. Instead of having a dog that is under your feet as you try to prepare their dinner, ask your dog to sit and wait until you give them the OK to start eating. This allows you to prepare their dinner in peace and it also teaches them polite manners and self-control. Asking them to sit before getting their harness and leash on. I love taking dogs for walks, but I

Basic training, part 1: Touch

I have been a trainer for over 7 years and as much as I enjoy a challenge, I still get pleasure out of teaching basic skills to dogs. By far, my all-time favorite skill to teach is called “Touch.” I will explain the steps below, but first I want to explain ways that you can use Touch. Touch is basically a hand target and is a great way to get your dog’s attention. It can be part of your everyday routine, just like Sit or Down. Below are some of my favorite ways to use Touch. Use it instead of using a recall word, such as “Come”; use the Touch command to get your dog to come to you. I especially like using this when at a park or in public, because the dog has to come right to my body and I ca

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