Private Dog Training

In-Home Private Lessons

Touch Dog Training allows you to work with a certified professional to train your dog in the comfort and familiarity of your own home. The trainer will come to you and you will have the opportunity to work with your dog in the environment where he or she is most comfortable and open to learn: your home.


This kind of one-on-one training will maximize your time spent training. Having the full attention of the trainer enables a level of learning beyond what can be achieved in a classroom filled with other owners and dogs.


Touch Dog Training brings years of experience based in extensive knowledge of canine behavior and Positive Reinforcement Training techniques. The focused attention that comes with in-home private lessons will deliver positive results and help you develop a healthy, cooperative relationship with your dog.


Please contact us to set up a lesson or package.

Puppy Packages

Bringing home a puppy is an exciting, joyful thing. As you begin to build that bond with the newest member of your family, it is very important to get things off to a good start. Training starts right away and building the right foundations helps enable long-term success.


Touch Dog Training offers Puppy Packages designed to cover the basics and get you on the right path with your dog. Topics include potty training, crate training, leash walking, greetings, and more.


Get your puppy started on the path to success! Call and ask about our Puppy Packages today.

Bringing Home Baby

Touch Dog Training offers specialized, one-on-one private lessons to help new parents effectively prepare their dog for a new addition to the family. Dogs are sensitive beings and life transitions can be difficult. A little preparation and training can help dogs adjust to a new baby. Whether you have specific concerns or just want to get your dog off on the right paw, our training sessions are there to help.

Life with Baby

Is your dog having a hard time adjusting to your new baby or struggling with your toddler? Whether you just brought a baby home or your three-year-old is tormenting your dog, Touch Dog Training can help everyone in your family. Dogs can have a hard time adjusting to your child's developmental stages. Let Touch Dog Training offer support and guidance to help your dog adjust happily through each transition. 


Private Lesson and Puppy Package Pricing


All lessons are one hour unless otherwise noted. 


Single Lesson: $120

3 Lessons: $345

5 Lessons: $550

10 Lessons: $1,050


If you want to take advantage of package discounting, but aren't sure how many lessons you and your dog will need, don't worry! You can start with a single lesson and, after discussing the situation with the trainer and getting an idea of what your needs are, you can purchase a package retroactively. If you decide on a package within 7 days of the initial lesson, that discount will be applied to all the sessions. You will never be forced to commit to more lessons than you need. There are no refunds for services or packages purchased.