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At Touch Dog Training, we practice what is known as Positive Reinforcement Training. This is a research based, scientifically proven method of behavior modification and operant conditioning.


The focus of Positive Reinforcement Training is on teaching the dog by encouraging and rewarding appropriate behavior, rather than putting the emphasis on correcting mistakes and bad behavior. As an example, food rewards (treats) are often used along with praise during early stages of learning, and the food reward is eventually phased out as the desired behavior becomes more established and reliable. Good behavior is maintained and grown with praise, life rewards and occasional food rewards.


The Positive Reinforcement method has a proven track record of success and, perhaps most importantly, helps build trust and grow deeper bonds between owner and dog. We do not teach or encourage training that is based on physical punishment or fear at Touch Dog Training. Using positive reinforcement, we provide a way to train dogs without creating a negative or potentially harmful environment for your pet.

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We wanted to start training early with our new puppy.  After talking to Erin we signed up for the Puppy Package.  Erin is obviously very experienced and handled our young pup with ease.  She came to our house and was flexible to schedule in the evenings when the whole family could participate.  She was great at explaining and demonstrating techniques as well as making sure our young kids were included and understood so we could all be consistent in our communication. 

We really liked her follow up emails after each session that reviewed the session and included detailed explanations of each command or technique we worked on.

Our puppy is now 4 months old so we still have work to do, but we have a relaxed and happy puppy and a great foundation to build on.  We will definitely use Erin again.

​- Mark, Thornton, CO