We are so happy with the training Riley received. He is doing very well.  One thing we figured out was that we have to "meet the client where he is at" so we no longer try to take him on walks during the daylight hours because it stresses him out too much. We walk him at night and he does fine. Less noise and less activity that can be seen by him helps him to stay calm.


We have learned to not feel guilty if we do not take Riley on hikes. We still think he would love it, but only if he were not so afraid of dogs ... and he really gets panicky when he sees them. Since so many dogs are trail walkers here in Colorado, we know it is not a good environment for him.


One thing interesting we learned is that we can take Riley back country hiking. There are no dogs around then and he loves to be outside, so that worked great!


Riley loves "find it" and we play it with him every night. It is a really cute game that he looks forward to. He also continues to wait before walking out the door of our townhome. By watching Riley's body language we are also able to look for clues as to his mood and what we might be able to do in order to prevent Riley problems when we have to take him out to use the bathroom during the day.


We really enjoyed having you to come and visit us to help Riley have a better life. I loved that ever session had handouts for us to use for reference and I loved it that Riley was receiving close attention and care!


Thanks for your help for Riley!!


- Monica and TJ, Westminster, CO

We wanted to start training early with our new puppy.  After talking to Erin we signed up for the Puppy Package.  Erin is obviously very experienced and handled our young pup with ease.  She came to our house and was flexible to schedule in the evenings when the whole family could participate.  She was great at explaining and demonstrating techniques as well as making sure our young kids were included and understood so we could all be consistent in our communication. 

We really liked her follow up emails after each session that reviewed the session and included detailed explanations of each command or technique we worked on.

Our puppy is now 4 months old so we still have work to do, but we have a relaxed and happy puppy and a great foundation to build on.  We will definitely use Erin again.

​- Mark, Thornton, CO


Before we started group classes I had Erin come over for a private to get us started on the right path to get the dog we wanted. To say that I sent many emails for help is an understatement. Ezra was the most challenging puppy we have ever had. Very creative. She was spot on every time and each step of the way told us what to expect as he grew older. What a relief that was. I am happy to say that Ezra is a sweet, cuddle loving everybody dog. It was work. Could not have the results we have today without all of the support and knowledge from Erin. So we thank you for getting us to the other side.​


- Stacey, Chicago, IL

I adopted a previously abused and neglected dog when he was less than a year old. He is a very loving dog but was a very anxious and reactive dog. Erin worked with Jesse and taught me the utility of Behavioral Adjustment Training which Jesse responded to beautifully. She was patient and non judgmental. Most importantly she trusted Jesse and me and showed me that she knew I loved this dog and his rehabilitation was possible. We moved to California from Chicago and during the entire cross country drive and the first few months of living in a completely new environment, I used the techniques Erin taught us. Now Jesse is a California dog and loves it and is comfortable in his new home.  We are so thankful for the love, patience and trust Erin showed us.


- Molly, Los Angeles, CA

Our dog Buddy was a very "special" little guy who needed space and slowness from people around him.  With Erin, we found a trainer who both understood and respected Buddy's needs and helped us learn how to help him even more.  We took every class we could with Erin because of what a positive experience it was for us and for Buddy!  Nose work was definitely our favorite - seeing Buddy's confidence grow with Erin's guidance & encouragement was so much fun for all of us!


- Kristin, Chicago, IL

My husband and I became involved with Touch Dog Training after our two dogs began to experience increased aggression. We contacted Erin right away and she was very prompt in her response. After an initial phone conversation, Erin suggested intervention right away to help keep us and our dogs safe. She provided us with education and support around the behaviors and worked with us on a weekly basis in our home for quite some time. Ultimately, we decided it would be best to rehome one of our dogs and Erin was right there with us. She provided support and was a shoulder to cry on through the difficult decision and transition time. We have continued to work with her to help prepare our other dog for the arrival of our first child this spring. We feel very lucky to have found Erin and Touch Dog Training!

- Tracy, Thornton, CO